Standing Strong Against Tolling

-I will firmly oppose any proposals to toll existing roads, especially if the funds aren’t used to add capacity

-I will insist that local governments be involved in creating any policies that could adversely affect traffic flows through their areas

-I stand with working families against schemes like “congestion pricing” that will make it harder for commuters to drive to their jobs

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Moving Forward on Transportation

A Voice for Housing Security, Affordability and Availability

-I will work to implement policies that help Clackamas County residents be better able to achieve the American Dream of homeownership

-I will support increasing the availability of land for needed housing

-I believe in holding Metro accountable for any decisions or regulations that unnecessarily make housing more expensive

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Availability and Affordability

Doing Housing the Right Way


An Experienced and Effective Advocate

-I have successfully fought for civil rights, all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court

-As a local government official, I’ve worked with legislators of both major political parties to try and resolve the traffic congestion issues on the Boone Bridge

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Running on Real Results


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