Take Action - Prevent Tolling on I205

Tolling Clackamas County is unacceptable and there is no reason we must accept it.  It can be stopped.

What we know

• $240 per month/ per vehicle 

• Taxes the poor to pay for the rich

• FREE tolls for the rich who can afford expensive electric vehicles

• Serious violation of privacy rights due to tracking when and where you drive

• No additional roads are planned to be built with the money collected

• Supporters admit their plan is to force a change to mass transit by adding massive costs to driving

• Neighborhood side-streets will see a major increase in congestion as drivers avoid the tolls

How we stop it!

Clackamas County Anti-tolling Action Plan

1. Speak Up. Tell them what you think.

Tolling I205 in Clackamas County is unacceptable and there is no reason we must accept it.

 – Send testimony to the Clackamas County Commissioners 

 – Write a letter to your editor 

 – Join an Anti-Tolling Group/Organization

  1. https://votebeforetolls.org/
  2. https://www.facebook.com/NoTollArmy/
  3. https://voteontolls.com/
  4. NO TollRoads Oregon | Facebook

2. Demand A Clackamas County Vote

No more ‘surveys’ or ‘polls’ that tell the story they want to tell… we demand a public vote of Clackamas County Citizens on whether they approve of tolling i205.

 – Sign a demand a Clackamas County Vote 

Vote Before Tolls

3. Actively Resist all Tolling

Tolling is not a done deal. We can stop it. The answer is ‘NO’ to every question about tolling. 

– No more exceptions 

– No compromise until they get a public vote of approval

– No more paying for ‘surveys, studies or polling’

– Actively resist with every legal path possible

– Every time a vote is held, we will be there making sure we get a chance to tell them ‘NO’