Tolling is a regressive tax on the working poor that subsidizes the rich. It will cost the average driver $240/mo per vehicle while making it free for those who can afford expensive electric vehicles.

My opponent voted to move tolling forward in Clackamas County. 

“You are absolutely right, it creates the legal framework for moving forward with tolling.”

– Sonya Fischer, Emergency Board Meeting 5/10/22

Ben created and is fighting for the ‘Clackamas County Anti-Tolling Action Plan’ and, with your help, will work to put a full stop to tolling in Clackamas County. 

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What we know

• $240 per month/ per vehicle 

• Taxes the poor to pay for the rich

• FREE tolls for the rich who can afford expensive electric vehicles

• Serious violation of privacy rights due to tracking when and where you drive

• No additional roads are planned to be built with the money collected

• Supporters admit their plan is to force a change to mass transit by adding massive costs to driving

• Neighborhood side-streets will see a major increase in congestion as drivers avoid the tolls

How we stop it!

Clackamas County Anti-tolling Action Plan

1. Speak Up. Tell them what you think.

Tolling I205 in Clackamas County is unacceptable and there is no reason we must accept it.

 – Send testimony to the Clackamas County Commissioners 

 – Write a letter to your editor 

 – Join an Anti-Tolling Group/Organization

  4. NO TollRoads Oregon | Facebook

2. Demand A Clackamas County Vote

No more ‘surveys’ or ‘polls’ that tell the story they want to tell… we demand a public vote of Clackamas County Citizens on whether they approve of tolling i205.

 – Sign a demand a Clackamas County Vote 

Vote Before Tolls

3. Actively Resist all Tolling

Tolling is not a done deal. We can stop it. The answer is ‘NO’ to every question about tolling. 

– No more exceptions 

– No compromise until they get a public vote of approval

– No more paying for ‘surveys, studies or polling’

– Actively resist with every legal path possible

– Every time a vote is held, we will be there making sure we get a chance to tell them ‘NO’

Clackamas County Citizens Demand A Vote On Tolling.

I am a Clackamas County resident and I am NOT OK with implementing tolling in our county without a vote of support from Clackamas County voters.

We demand that any further approvals, studies, zoning, planning, funding or move in any way that furthers the goals of implementing tolls in Clackamas County, cease until a vote by Clackamas County voters has occurred and it shows support for tolling in Clackamas County.


    What would you choose?