August 24, 2022

Deep Roots and the Pioneer Spirit

Ben West Deep Roots-cm

I’m proud to say that I’m a sixth-generation Oregonian. Given the influx of people we’ve seen move here from other states, it’s becoming increasingly rare to find people with deep roots in the area. I grew up in the same home as my father in North Portland (we even had the same childhood bedroom). As a construction worker, he had …

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March 9, 2022

Availability and Affordability

Concept of selling a house. A hand is holding a model house above green meadow.-cm

Housing is, and has been, a huge issue, especially in Clackamas County and the Portland metropolitan area. It’s easy to see why—constant increases in rent and housing prices have been straining household budgets for years now. However, when politicians talk about “affordable housing,” it’s taken on a different meaning. It’s become a euphemism for subsidized housing and other expensive government-run …

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